Endowment Book of Life

L’dor v’dor: Passing traditions from generation to generation to keep them alive.

Endowment Book of Life: Share Your Family Legacy

The Endowment Book of Life honors donors who fund either a current or future gift through the Jewish Community Foundation for the benefit of Jewish organizations and causes that have been important to them during their lives.

Entries serve as an enduring legacy, demonstrating the commitment of each generation to the next. Individuals who sign the Endowment Book of Life make a public commitment that a portion of their estate will remain as a permanent endowment at the Jewish Community Foundation. Each donor’s page is a testament to the power and importance of giving life to the future of our community. We invite everyone who establishes a permanent endowment fund at JCF to participate in the Endowment Book of Life program.

Locations of the Endowment Book of Life

The Endowment Book of Life is on public display in the lobby of the Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus, home to the Center for Jewish Philanthropy, where generations of Jewish people connect with those who came before them and are inspired to create similar legacies for those who follow them. You and your family members or friends can review the Endowment Book of Life in-person and online.

Interested in Signing the Endowment Book of Life? Contact Rachel Rabinovich, Director Special Projects, Program Director, LIFE and LEGACY®, for more information.

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The Robert S. Young Family Foundation
Howard and Judy Rosen
Sheryl and Richard Quen
Alison and Michael Feinberg
Sherry Mara Cohen
Gail and Michael Baer
Judy and Leith Baletin
Irvin “Herb” Markovitz
Sheila and Robert Curwin
Carol and Allan Kern
Yael and Ken Mesa
Ginette Daniels