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Networking & Engagement for a Stronger Community

The Business & Professionals (B&P) network strengthens relationships among Jewish professionals through education, networking and communal and philanthropic engagement. We aim to provide opportunities to expand your professional and social circles while making a meaningful difference in our community.

Priority Areas of Focus

  1. Philanthropy – We believe the future well-being of the global Jewish community is linked to the power of philanthropy.
  2. Education – We strive to provide thoughtful, educational opportunities for professionals to grow in their individual fields and make a larger impact (both professionally and philanthropically) in our community
  3. Engagement – We provide a place in the community for all business professionals to come together to enhance their network and celebrate Jewish life.
  4. Leadership – We nurture leadership to strengthen our Jewish community in Phoenix through our educational events, leadership series and meaningful engagement opportunities.

What makes up the B&P Network?

CJP hosts several general networking opportunities throughout the year that will appeal to all business professionals with the goal of encouraging networking and engagement across the entire Jewish community.

Opportunities include:

Engaging networking events for professionals including both educational and social opportunities.

Personal development programs and events including our Leadership & Advancement Series. Read more →

Continuing education for Jewish community professionals

Professional Advisory Network Group

Open to professional advisors in the estate planning community and our nonprofit partners, the goal of our Professional Advisory Network (PAN) is to create meaningful relationships that will ultimately advance the philanthropic interests of the Jewish community.

Learn more about PAN →

Cardozo Society

Open to all Jewish lawyers, judges, law students and other legal professionals. Events provide members and other attendees an opportunity for networking, learning and community engagement, including CLE opportunities. The key signature event for this group is the Tax & Legal Conference held in collaboration with the Arizona Community Foundation.

Real Estate & Finance

Open to all Jewish professionals in the real estate, mortgage and finance industries. Events provide opportunities for networking, learning and community engagement, including our annual economic outlook.

Chai Tech

Offers opportunities for Jewish professionals to network with others in the technology and engineering industries. Members are invited to attend unique events featuring the newest innovations in technology, exclusive tours and opportunities to learn from industry experts.

Maimonides Society

A fellowship of Jewish healthcare professionals dedicated to educational, social, and philanthropic activities that focus on the betterment of Jews in need locally, in Israel and around the world. The Maimonides Society provides a unique opportunity for collegial socializing and networking and integrates medical and Jewish concerns to demonstrate the contributions health professionals can make to support the Jewish community.

Featured events

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Tax & Legal Seminars

Past Speakers & Topics

2022: Tax & Legal Seminar
Joshua S. Rubenstein presented:
  • Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: Advising the Wealthy in Times of Protracted and Unprecedented Political, Economic, Cultural and Scientific Change
  • Pressing the Do-Over Button: Strategies for Modifying Wills and Trusts After Formation
  • Using Taxes to Settle Trust and Estate Disputes

2021: Steve Akers presented: 

  • Sophisticated Transfer Planning Strategies 
  • Structuring Trustee Powers to Avoid a Tax Catastophe 
  • Estate Planning Current Developments and Hot Topics 


2020: Christopher R. Hoyt addressed:

  • Retirement Assets for First and Second Marriages: Let the Fun Begin 
  • Estate Planning for Retirement Assets After the SECURE Act 
  • How to get Income Tax Savings from Charitable Bequests 
  • So, You Wanna be a Philanthropist, including Proposed New Rules for Donor Advised Funds 


2019: Sam Donaldson provided a federal tax update: 

  • Contemporary Estate Planning Paradigms for Married Couples 
  • Unwinding Estate Plans Because of Changed Circumstances 
  • Fifty Shades of J: A Guide to the Federal Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates 


2018: Turney P. Berry discussed the 2017 Tax Act, the shift in planning from estate taxes to income taxes, the Uniform Directed Trust Act and charitable giving: 

  • Notable Developments of Interest to Estate Planners 
  • Charitable Giving for Family Business Families 
  • Uniform Directed Trust Act 


2017: Sam Donaldson provided a federal tax update: 

  • Unpacking the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts of 2017 
  • A Hitchhiker’s Guide to International Estate Planning 


2016: Natalie Choate addressed retirement benefits: 

  • Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits: Selected Case Studies 
  • Making Retirement Benefits Payable to Trusts 
  • Charitable Giving with Retirement Benefits 
  • The 203 Best and Worst Planning Ideas for Your Client’s Retirement Benefits 


2015: Sam Donaldson provided a federal tax update: 

  • Income tax aspects of family limited partnership 
  • The remains of the Day: Planning Decisions Regarding the Use and Disposition of a Client’s Body After Death 


2014: Steve Trytten addressed estate and charitable planning for retirement assets: 

  • Intermediate and advanced tax and benefits issues relating to estate and charitable planning 
  • Case study analysis pertaining to ethics and law of estate and charitable planning under AZ state laws. 


2013: Sam Donaldson provided a federal tax update: 

  • Major recent developments in federal income, estate, and gift laws 
  • Analysis of tax planning opportunities 
  • Detailed coverage of significant estate tax legislation 
  • Important cases, rulings and new regulations made easy to understand 


2012: Christopher R. Hoyt addressed: 

  • Planning optimal outcomes for family, charitable and tax objectives 
  • Overview of 2012 and 2013 tax changes, with planning strategies for 2012 
  • Pending Bush tax cuts 
  • Summary of required IRA distributions and their impact during retirement and on beneficiaries 
  • Analysis and strategies concerning the 2012 legislative proposal to require inherited IRAs to be liquidated in five years 


2011: Sam Donaldson provided a federal tax update: 

  • Major recent developments in federal income, estate, and gift laws 
  • Analysis of tax planning opportunities 
  • Detailed coverage of significant estate tax legislation 
  • Important cases, rulings and new regulations made easy to understand 


2010: Erik Dryburgh presented “Hot Topics in Estate Planning” including: 

  • Gifts of Real Estate: Technical Considerations 
  • Gifts of Business Interests 
  • Private Foundations: What You Need to Know 
  • Creative Applications of Charitable Remainder Trusts 


2009: Sam Donaldson provided a federal tax update: 


2008: Larry Katzenstein presented “A Potpourri of Charitable Planning Tricks and Traps,” including: 

  • Planning for gifts of tangible personal property 
  • CLT planning 
  • Marital Deduction Pitfalls 
  • Drafting CRTs 


2007: Jon and Eileen Gallo addressed: 

  • Estate Planning w/ Life Insurance (ILITS, GSTT, FLPs, etc.) 
  • Psychological and Emotional Issues in Estate Planning 


2006: Christopher R. Hoyt addressed: 

  • 2006 Tax Legislation: New Charitable Giving Incentives & New Charitable Reforms 
  • Charitable Gifts and Bequests of Retirement Assets 
  • How to Structure an Inheritance of Retirement Assets 
  • Funding Trusts with Retirement Assets – A Checklist 


2005: Stanley Johanson addressed: 

  • Recent developments affecting estate planning 
  • Qualified plan benefits and IRAs in estate planning 
  • Ethical Issues raised by durable powers of attorney 


2004: Conrad Teitell addressed various topics related to charitable gift planning 


2003: Jeffrey Pennell addressed: 

  • Planning for Married Couples 
  • Section 2036 Family Limited Partnership cases 
  • Charitable Developments and Grantor Trusts and Subchapter J Developments 


2002: Natalie Choate presented on retirement planning issues 


2001: Ed Beckwith and Steve Leimberg addressed: 

  • Estate Planning w/ Life Insurance 
  • The 2001 Tax Bill 
  • Trust Drafting and Distribution Issues 
  • Panel discussion re: discussing charitable giving w/ clients 


2000: Terry Simmons and Neal Kurn addressed: 

  • Charitable Lead Trusts 
  • Stock Options

Other past national speakers prior to 2000 include: 

  • Terry Simmons 
  • Scott Blakesly 
  • Jane Peebles 
  • Reynolds Caffereta 
  • David Kempler 
  • Paul Gordon Hoffman 
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