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The current threats against the American Jewish community are unprecedented in modern history.

 In the three months following the heartbreaking October 7 massacres in Israel, antisemitic incidents in the United States skyrocketed, reaching a total of 3,283 incidents by January 7, 2024, according to ADL’s preliminary data.

This is a 360% increase compared to the same period one year prior. After October 7, an average of 34 antisemitic incidents were reported per day, making 2023 the highest year for antisemitic acts since ADL started tracking this data in the late 1970s.

Unfortunately, Arizona has not been immune to these antisemitic incidents at our synagogues, on our college campuses, and in our greater community.

Incidents in 12 months
Year-to-year increase
0 %
Incidents every day
Since such levels were observed
0 years
To address this, The Jewish Federations of North America has launched LiveSecure, a groundbreaking $62 million nationwide security campaign and initiative to ensure the security and resiliency of every American Jewish community. LiveSecure's goal is to ensure every Jewish community has a best-practice security plan, to address potential security challenges, to support access to federal and state security grants, and to facilitate ongoing training and support for local security efforts.

LiveSecure's grant unites and protects our Jewish community

With LiveSecure funding, local Federations can provide the training, tools, and other resources to help protect our Jewish Community Centers, synagogues, schools, senior centers, summer camps, social service providers, and other centers of Jewish life.

The Center for Jewish Philanthropy of Greater Phoenix (CJP) was awarded a LiveSecure grant to launch our community-wide security initiative. Our security initiative is designed to enhance the security measures Jewish organizations already have in place and support collaboration across the community.

Expand our reach

For every eligible $1 contributed to the Community Security Initiative, The Jewish Federations of North America will provide a dollar for dollar match.

Community security plan overview

Boost your preparedness

Equip synagogues, JCCs, schools, camps, and other Jewish institutions with tools and training.

Access expertise

Obtain security insights and advice from our security team, Amarok Consulting.

Stay connected

Access to a proprietary app for security alerts and communications.

Train for safety

Safety and security training tailored to our unique community needs.

Site Visits

On-site assessments to evaluate and enhance your institution's security measures and process.

Build stronger bonds

Foster relationships with local law enforcement for community-wide protection.

Components of our plan

All these components are offered at no cost to Jewish agencies in our community so that we can congregate, educate, and practice Jewish traditions without compromising safety.


Jewish community leaders, staff, and security skills and threat awareness.


site assessments and provide advice and resources to remedy vulnerabilities.


organizations through the process of applying for state and federal security grants.


community leaders through our early warning system.


for public policies that combat antisemitism and fund safety enhancements.

Meet Amarok Consulting: your local heroes shaping a safer community

Amarok Consulting is a small, local company, owned and operated by Tony Wells and Nate Mullins, that was formed to fill a void in private sector safety and security planning and development as well as to address the specific needs of CJP’s community security initiative.

Tony and Nate are active-duty Scottsdale police officers and are well-known in our community. Their affiliation with the local police department is an advantage for CJP in that they have relationships, resources and timely intelligence that can benefit our security initiative. Additionally, because they have worked in the Valley for years, they have a strong understanding of our community’s specific needs.

The team of security professionals that is dedicated to CJP’s security initiative includes local active and retired law enforcement, fire, and former military personnel.

Strengthen our community's security together!

If you’re curious about how we can support your safety or if you’re a Jewish agency ready to enhance your security measures, we’re here to help. Reach out today—let’s make our community stronger and safer together.

Richard Kasper, JD CAP
Chief Executive Officer
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