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CJP is a resource that connects and serves the Greater Phoenix Jewish Community. We are a hub of information on all things Jewish, from holiday celebrations to synagogue activities to Jewish Life & Identity. We provide the tools necessary for people to find meaning and inspiration in our connections with Judaism and each other.

Supporting our Community

Our organization brings the Jewish community together to fund many nonprofits in the greater Phoenix area, Israel, and around the world. Your charitable donation helps CJP support people in need, respond to crises and shape our Jewish future.

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Endowment Book of Life

The CJP’s Endowment Book of Life is a collection of reflections, histories, and hopes for the future expressed by members of our community. The Endowment Book of Life honors those who have made planned gift commitments to establish an ongoing connection to the lives of generations to come.

Our impact

The Center for Jewish Philanthropy identifies and addresses the greater Phoenix Jewish community’s greatest challenges and opportunities. Our legacy organizations, the Jewish Community Foundation and the Jewish Federation of greater Phoenix were here when this community was built and have been at its center for over a combined 130 years. We are focused on the future as much as the present, having both the 35,000-foot view required to plan for tomorrow and the hands-on partnerships that make it possible for us to care for our community today. We do this in collaboration with our organizational partners and our most committed leaders and donors.

We focus on our local greater Phoenix community and support those organizations doing essential work in Israel and throughout the Jewish world.

Our goal is to create the kind of enduring Jewish community we all want and need, based on shared goals and Jewish values.

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Gail Baer
Vice President, Philanthropy and Engagement
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Corporate Match

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match most charitable contributions made by their employees. Check with your employer to see if they offer this benefit. It’s easy – just request and complete a matching gift form from your employer and they do the rest! It’s that easy to double your donation and make an even bigger impact with your gift!

Stock Donations

We will gladly accept donations in the form of stock or ETFs.

Please instruct your Broker to transfer the stock you wish to donate to:

The Levin Group at Morgan Stanley
2398 E Camelback Road, Suite 800
Phoenix, AZ 85016

602.954.5777 Phone
602.954.5778 Fax

DTC# 0015

Jewish Community Association of Greater Phoenix
Account No. 003-120102-035
Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix Inc.
Account No. 003-108754

For your stock transfer to process smoothly, it is important you and/or your broker provide us with details of the transfer.

Please send this information to:
Julie Perry
Center for Jewish Philanthropy of Greater Phoenix