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We are INspired, INclusive, INnovative.

Women IN Philanthropy is a diverse group of women with a shared common bond. Our values guide us. Our passion for Jewish life and culture connects us. We explore new interests and ideas and discuss key issues facing women and the world today. We connect, educate, networking, mentoring, and have fun too!

We build life-long friendships. Dedicated to the continuity, connectivity, and thriving future of our community, Israel and to Jewish Life.

Join our Tribe

We have something for everyone!

Causes that matter

You will have an opportunity to make a positive impact on the causes that mean the most to you.

Vibrant Jewish community

Meet new and inspiring women and become part of an ecosystem of Incredible Jewish Women who want to do more, give more and be more within our community.

Inspiring events

Enjoy key events, speaker series, networking opportunities, and more!

Lifelong relationships

Long-time participants have the opportunity to strengthen bonds while doing good for their community. New attendees are welcomed with open arms by women with the same interests and passion for having a great time while making our world a better place.

Volunteer opportunities

From giving a few hours to support an event or to serve on a board, we have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in the way that fits your life-stage.


Meaningful opportunities for mothers and their daughters (in grades 6-10) to spend time together while engaged in community service, leadership, and cultural experiences.

For more information, email Andrea Cohen, Director Youth Philanthropy and Community EngagementOr, click the button below to register.

Meet our Leader

Ellen Weiss

CJP Women IN Philanthropy Chair

Ellen is honored to serve the Center for Jewish Philanthropy as the Women in Philanthropy Chair. She is excited to share her skills and knowledge with Phoenix Jewish Community. 

Ellen has been involved with the Jewish Community for many years, having served on the National Women’s Philanthropy Board, a division of Jewish Federation of North America from 2016-2024.  Her portfolio included Class Chair, New Member Education Chair, and Wellness Chair. Ellen received the Ruth and Milton Kahn Young Leadership Award and the prestigious, internationally recognized Kipnis-Wilson/Friedland Award at the JFNA’s International Lion of Judah Conference in 2023.  This award is given to Lions who have demonstrated the highest ideals of leadership and involvement. 

Ellen has also served as the Buffalo Jewish Federation’s Young Women’s Chair, Women’s Philanthropy Chair, Engagement Conference Chair, Center for Jewish Engagement and Learning Chair (now known as LiNK), Adult Engagement Chair, Executive Board Member, as well as a Board member of Temple Beth Zion.   

Professionally, Ellen is a Certified Heath Coach, Master Workplace Wellness Consultant, Executive Wellness Concierge, and Stress Master Associate. During her free time, Ellen enjoys hiking, traveling, trying new restaurants and spending time outdoors with her husband, family and friends.

Read Ellen's bio

Campaign Giving

Women are taking their rightful seats at the table and are shaping Jewish philanthropy like never before. We are focused on building a more inclusive, empowering and egalitarian Jewish community and, in doing so, are playing a key role in reinventing American Jewish life. Leadership giving is a way to make a significant impact on our local and global Jewish World. It is a way for you to connect to our community in a personal, powerful way; become a role model for other women and inspire the next generation to stand up and be counted.

When you create a Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE), you enable future generations to benefit from your values, interests, foresight and generosity.

Created in 1972 by Norma Kipnis Wilson and Toby Friedland (z”l), the Lion of Judah is now an international symbol of commitment to the global Jewish community. This exciting program has brought together women of all ages and from many walks of life in order to play an essential role in creating social justice, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, preserving human dignity and building Jewish identity. Today, more than 16,000 women worldwide proudly wear the gold Lion pin to signify their commitment.

Each year that a woman sustains or increases her gift of $5,000 or more to the Annual Campaign, she is eligible to have a small diamond set into her pin. Larger commitments are recognized at different Lion of Judah levels, as signified by different precious stones.

Ask any woman who wears the Lion of Judah pin and she’ll tell you: there’s nothing like being in the same room with hundreds of like-minded women who “roar.” This alone symbolizes our success, strength and commitment to Jewish peoplehood.

As a Lion of Judah, you will be invited to national and international events and conferences, as well as premier local events, such as our prestigious Lion of Judah Luncheon. You will hear from top speakers, learn more about important issues and have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the world around you.

The pomegranate is one of the seven fruits named in the Bible, said to contain 613 seeds – one for each of the commandments (mitzvot) found in the Torah. This ancient symbol is one of the oldest found in Jewish art and ritual. It has been carved in the entranceways of the earliest synagogues, woven into fabrics, and hammered into silver and gold. The intricate covers for the handles of the Torah scrolls are called pomegranates (rimonim). All women who commit an individual gift of $1,800-$4,999 to the Jewish Federation’s Annual Campaign are part of the Pomegranate Society.

Being part of the Pomegranate Society is a declaration of your personal commitment to honor traditional Jewish values of justice (tzedek) and acts of loving kindness (gemilut hesed).

With a gift of $180 to Federation’s Annual Campaign, you’ll become a member of this group of inspiring women who, just like you, want to make a difference.

Cultivate your spirit of philanthropy. Add charms as your commitment to the Jewish Federation grows. Enhance the beauty of your Pearl Society necklace with colored pearl charms. The Pearl Society Silver Hamsa Pendant and necklace features a silver Hamsa or “hand,” symbolizing the Hand of God. The Hamsa has a freshwater pearl inlay. The letter pey, which represents the Hebrew word p’nina (pearl) is elegantly embossed on the back.

As your gift continues and grows, your commitment to the Pearl Society can be distinguished with the addition of colored pearls. Blush ($365+) and Black ($1,000+)

Events and programs

Campaign & recognition events

We have a variety of exciting events to recognize our women donors throughout the year, including Lion of Judah, Pomegranate, and Pearl.

Power of the Purse

Our signature annual event welcomes all women from our community to hear amazing speakers and to learn about the work of CJP in the Greater Phoenix Jewish community, in Israel, and in Jewish communities worldwide.

WIP Cares Day

Join us for community projects and hands-on volunteer opportunities where you can make a difference!


Hop on the bus and join us for a fun, informative visit to community agencies. Funded through the CJP's Annual Campaign. Connect with other women and see where your Federation dollars go!

Travel to Israel & other parts of the world

We offer unique travel experiences specifically designed for women to Israel and other parts of the globe.

Join our Tribe!

Join us and connect with other passionate, like-minded women who share your love for Jewish life and culture. Whether you’re looking to explore new interests, discuss key issues, network, mentor, or just have fun, Women IN Philanthropy has something for you. Contact me now to learn more and get involved in our diverse, dynamic community.

Gail Baer
Vice President, Philanthropy & Community Engagement
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