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The Center for Jewish Philanthropy of Greater Phoenix is dedicated to serving the Greater Jewish community throughout the Valley. By bringing us together, we can celebrate, reimagine, and cultivate a stronger and more diverse Jewish community through Jewish philanthropy and dedication to service.

The Jewish community of the Greater Phoenix region is growing and we want to be there for you.

The Center for Jewish Philanthropy of Greater Phoenix unites the Jewish Community Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix into a single organization. With a combined 130 years of support to the community, the CJP will connect and serve the Greater Phoenix community by inspiring philanthropy that supports and enlivens Jewish life here locally, in Israel, and throughout the world.

Our new organization will honor our roots as we recognize the significant and valuable contributions that have been made in our community throughout the years. This new entity represents a shift in thinking about Jewish philanthropy; supporting community needs, being dedicated to service, and keeping us relevant by the impact we make in the community.

We are evolving into an organization that is more dynamic, more engaging, and more open to the community. We are creating a bolder and more inspiring vision for our future and the future of Jewish philanthropy in the Valley.

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Among our many goals and aspirations:

To understand our community’s Jewish interests and help support the projects and programs they care about most.

To bring engagement opportunities to our community – at all life’s stages.

To help identify the future leaders of our community.

To assist the community with the resources needed to help ensure safe and secure Jewish institutions.

Our history

In March 2021, the boards of directors for the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix and the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix unanimously voted to integrate the organizations into a single operating entity, the Center for Jewish Philanthropy of Greater Phoenix (CJP). The intent of bringing these two Jewish philanthropic organizations together in one operating entity is to enhance their combined strengths and resources to better serve the diverse Jewish community in Greater Phoenix.


The Center for Jewish Philanthropy is proud of its long history, via its legacy organizations – the Jewish Community Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix — of efficient operations and financial management over a combined 130 years working with donors from the Jewish community.

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Our history

Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix

The first Jewish Federation was founded in Boston in 1895.  Its goal was to make local Jewish philanthropic and social service delivery more effective and efficient through coordinated fundraising, community planning and allocation of resources. Additional Federations soon followed in many major US cities and in Canada. 

Founded in 1941, the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix (JFGP) is one of the Valley’s oldest nonprofit Jewish organizations. The JFGP was formed with a mission to engage and strengthen a vibrant Jewish Community in Greater Phoenix while providing for Jews in need locally, in Israel and throughout the world.

Since then, through our annual campaign, JFGP raises millions of dollars each year to provide vital services and programs to our Jewish community, especially during times of most urgent need. In an ever-changing environment, we stand ready to help Jews everywhere. Internationally, we help Jews fleeing anti-Semitism to resettle in Israel and other parts of the world. Locally, in direct response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, Federation has provided much needed financial assistance to those in most vulnerable situations.

Through the decades, our Jewish Federation’s responsibilities have grown, positioning us as a central convener, fundraiser, and grant maker for the Jewish community. We remain, as ever, dedicated to serving vulnerable populations, enhancing Jewish continuity, and making a real impact each and every day.

Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix

Established in 1972, the Jewish Community Foundation has been helping people support the Jewish and secular causes most important to them. As the largest resource for Jewish philanthropy in Greater Phoenix, we help donors achieve their charitable and financial goals, having earned the trust of our donors and the community of professional advisors who work with us: attorneys, estate planners, trust officers, insurance professionals, accountants, and financial advisors.

From our beginnings, a thoughtful and committed group of community leaders had the foresight to see that the Jewish Community Foundation was ideally suited to help strengthen our community through long-term, meaningful endowment building. That same vision continues to guide the Foundation today and into the future. We devote everything we do and every resource we have to improving the quality of Jewish life in our community and to responding to emergencies facing the Jewish people. In other words, we provide sustainable resources to make the Jewish community’s vision a reality.