I left Israel a few hours ago on October 11, 2023 full of sadness with a tear in my eye. The country is in a state of shock after more than 1,200 (the equivalent of 48,000 Americans) have been murdered, raped, and brutalized by the most barbarian savages on the face of the earth. Not to mention the thousands who have been wounded or injured.

Although I never went close to the war zone in the South or the North, you could see the dismay in the people’s faces and hear it in their voices. I visited wounded IDF Heroes in the basement of a hospital outside of Tel Aviv and heard stories that are almost to heart wrenching to repeat. My colleagues and I bought a truckload of necessities for reservist’s called up for duty with no time to pack. We bought toys for families displaced by the combat living in motels in Tel Aviv. We experienced firsthand , the terror of having to run to a bomb shelter three times on the sound of a siren. We did everything that we could in the two short days we were there to be useful, but still left feeling empty.

But the most important thing I did, was to bear witness to a people and a nation that will never be the same.

Much like the Holocaust, we must say Never Again!

Many have asked me how I can help?

First, call your Senator or Congressman, Thank Them for the Iron dome and ask them to continue to support Israel.

Second you can give to several organization that we support. My Family will be contributing $50,000 to the Jewish Agency for Israel Victims of Terror Fund through the Center for Jewish Philanthropy.

If you choose to give, I can assure you with confidence your money will go to good use in the areas that need it most.

Thank You so much!

Steven J. Hilton

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